Cleaning policy

What we do.

We clean every toy thoroughly once every 12 months. We do this by hand, dishwasher, or sonicator.

  • For waterproof toys with small or difficult to reach parts (e.g. Lego, PlayMobil), we use sonication. During treatment, toys are submersed in a waterbath and subjected to ultrasound waves. This technique allows removing dirt particles at the surface even though they are inaccessible by hand. It further kills bacteria and viruses by physical means, generally eradicating 99.9% of germs.
  • For waterproof toys able to withstand the harsh treatment of a dishwasher (e.g. Lego, plastic bath toys), cleaning is done by dishwasher on a hot program. This means toys are exposed to detergents and temperatures over 70°C, which kill the majority of germs.
  • We wipe water-sensitive toys (wooden toys, board games, puzzles) with disinfectant.

Upon return, toys are checked for damage and cleanliness. In case we notice a toy is dirty, we will give it an additional cleaning round. However, it is not our standard way of operating to clean toys in between lending periods. Our cleaning system ensures even the most heavily borrowed toys are cleaned thoroughly after about 10 lending periods.

Ultrasonic cleaner
Example of sonicator. Picture by

What (we expect) you do.

We expect you do some habitual cleaning every lending session, and some thorough cleaning when necessary. You further have an obligation to inform us about confirmed coronavirus cases within your household.

  • Before you(r kids) start playing, please wipe the toys with disinfectant and ensure they are clean or otherwise up to your standard. As every toy has its own unique properties, and misuse can damage the toy, please follow the cleaning guidelines provided with each toy (accessible through the website).
  • In case toys get severely soiled, please clean them as well as possible and inform us about the accident. We will take extra measures to ensure the next borrower receives a clean toy.
  • In case of a confirmed coronavirus case within your household, we expect you notify us so we can take the necessary measures to disinfect the borrowed toys.